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Trucking Jobs made Interesting by Couple Partners

It is always a fun and a great opportunity if given a chance to work with your partner. The modern life is very busy full of hustle and bustle. Taking out a few relaxing moments out of the hectic life is all the more difficult and one is always looking for moments of spending some quality time with their partners or family. In such a busy schedule if one can work with their partners than this becomes an icing on the cake.

Trucking for couples has emerged as a new job employing many couples into this industry. This is turning out to be a very successful idea and trucking companies are now looking up to deploy couples into their companies. There are ample opportunities in this business and companies can focus on filling up many vacancies which is available in the trucking business.

In the early phase the marketing strategy of the trucking companies was to employ people having the age of 50 or more. These people playing the second innings of their career could also spend time with their partners and also earn money.

There are various researches going on to promote the idea of trucking couples in this business. If the couples will drive together they will feel less tired and also it will contribute to the number of miles driven by a single trucker. It will naturally result in a better output giving increase to the number of deliveries.

The emphasis is not only on employing elderly drivers but younger generation is also being motivated to enter the business. This business will turn up to be a profitable one and you don’t either need to have a certificate or educational qualification for this job.
It doesn’t really matter if these young people are college pass outs or not.

This job is not a boring routine job in which you leave your homes early mornings and return back late evenings. It is an advantage for those couples who are looking for adventures and traveling. Which other job can serve better purpose than this one and also you can relish the company of your partner.

The trucking companies post many drivers employment advertisements on the internet and there is a growing demand for trucking couples. As compared to the daily routine jobs, the salaries being offered is quite feasible and remember that you will be paid as a couple and not as a single truck driver.

The loads available are good in quantity and there is no worry of running out of work or job. The load boards will help the truck driver trace the work and there is never going to be a shortage of loads. These days there are a number of load boards in the industry and they will supply ample materials to the truckers.

The couples who are looking for a different career can surely think of trucking as a different option waiting ahead for them. So, one should definitely think of this as a lucrative career option.

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Social Media Serving Freight and Owner Operator Businesses

The world has turned into a small globe and it owes its debt to the technological advances that have taken place. It has made dynamic changes and no industry or field can be said to be have remain untouched by it. No century saw as much growth and development as the 21st century. Transportation and communication in one way go hand in hand.

Cargo business could not be also put into a different place from this as this industry has very much to do with transportation. Social networking is no more a new thing and it has become a chain linking many people to it. Most of the people are associated with the social networking sites like twitter, face book or Orkut in some way or the other. These sites have been proven really fruitful in giving its results and have helped giving a boom to many businesses linked to it.
There was a time when the companies had to go for the newspaper classifieds to promote their business and plan a market strategy making it a costly issue. But now the things have changed entirely giving a new shape to the whole scenario.

The trucking companies can simply post their ads on the internet using loadboards and also give their links on the various social networking sites as well. These companies can create their groups and also make associates with whom they can be in a constant link. The freight business basically thrives on supply chain management and proper communication can prove a boom to it. The world is no longer isolated and anyone from any part of the globe can correspond with the trucking companies. This will definitely help them groom their business. There are bundle of trucking companies who have registered on the social networking sites and are a part of it.

Not only businesses can receive a boom by these sites but also other purposes can be served by it. Truck driver jobs can be placed on the Facebook community or on your twitter page. The area of choice increases and one can choose the right person for the job. There are also communities of truck drivers by which they remain in touch with other and also help them communicate. They are also aware of the job listings and the credit can be given to these social network groups.
The information of the loads available could be placed on the website or any other source of the social network and one can go picking up the load. These things are surely going to give a boost to the business and will help flourish it.

Many freight companies agree that their businesses have seen a remarkable change after having a link up with the social network. One can use twitter for posting contents while photos and other similar links can be placed on Facebook.

It cannot be denied that in this competitive world social networking sites have given a huge platform to businesses as well helping them grow.

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Commercial Truck Finance a Feasible Option for Owner Operators

An owner operator or truck driver wanting an independent trucking business is a costly affair. The big rigs often cost too much for the truck driver job to realize their big dreams. A new rig and a trailer would require a big sum of investment ranging from one fifty thousand to two hundred thousand dollars. In this situation the truck driver turns towards commercial truck finance option. The finance companies are more than happy to offer commercial truck finance as this loan is far less risky. This is because of the reason that truck drivers make good money and has the potential to earn over one hundred thousand dollars in one year by running their trucks for approximately 70 hours a week. If they start the business in partnership with two drivers on the road then the amount earned is even more.

The types of finances covered not just include the big rigs which makes interstate trips but all other truck types used for different loads available as well. The other truck purchases that might require commercial truck finance are flat bed, dump truck, reefers, dry vans, hazmat trucks and many more. The area includes all those trucks and trailers that are commercially used to raise income. At this point of time many new owner operators and truck driver feel hesitated to take up such a huge amount of loan. Therefore, many starters go for another option which is more economic and practical i.e. of Truck leasing. In this case they take the required truck on lease for a certain period of time. This option does not require a big initial investment so the truckers can focus on other financial requirements until the business is perfectly set.

Rising fuel price is another challenge faced by both the owner operators and the truck finance companies. Where the fuel was costing 500 dollars some four years back now costs 1000 dollars. The investors are now looking for low cost finance options. The overall economy of the country depends on its fuel prices and trucking industry. According to estimation the trucking industry will face a shortage of 20,000 drivers by 2014. There are a few reasons why the truckers these days want to have their own commercial truck. The first one off course is the freedom to drive the big rig on your own terms and conditions. Many truckers don’t find the scheduled 10 or 14 hours a day job offered by trucking companies much fascinating. Moreover these days the new semi trucks are coming loaded with features like beds, microwaves, toilets, satellite televisions, and much more. So the aspiring trucker wants to get all such facilities with their own trucks.

Commercial Truck Finance options are not only limited to new trucks but are also available on used trucks and trailers for those who do not want much financial load on themselves. Many companies are coming into picture offering truck finances for new and used trucks. With the start up of the owner operator business you have the potential towards increased earnings. You can use the facilities of load boards to keep your truck always loaded. Thus taking commercial truck finance is a good idea for those truck drivers who cannot afford to buy a truck on their own but want to start up the o/o business.

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Truck Driving Schools – An Insight

Nothing comes free these days. This also implies to truck driving schools. There are options available where you will have to pay out less comparatively or sometimes no upfront fees to enroll to the truck driving school classes. There are many ways in which you can attend discounted or almost free truck driving schools. Let us discuss in this article some.
Since the economy is facing challenges and people are suffering job losses and layoffs. Trucking industry remains the number one option for the jobless people to secure a truck driving job. However, you need to attend a truck driving school before you establish yourself in this industry. One most straight forward way is that you attend any independent truck driving school. This will cost you more somewhere around $3000- $7000. If you do not have enough money to pay for the fees you can take a government loan to pay for the fees. The loans are easily approved keeping in mind the trucking industry is ever blooming and they get there loans paid back easily. The pay back period usually starts 6 months after you complete the course.
Second option is to join a truck driving school run by any trucking company. These schools offer you free truck driving courses but they usually make you sign one year contract that you will work for the company. At this duration they will pay a little lower wage as they try and compensate what they spent for your truck driver graduation. The disadvantage of this option is that you get stuck for one year with one company and in case you intend to leave they will charge you what they have spent on your course. The advantage is you have the job security as soon as you complete your truck driving lessons and you do not have to pay any upfront fees from your side.
If we check out the technical points related to the two type of schooling then the independent school will teach you trucking lessons from scratch. They will teach you every lesson to become a successful truck driver and fit into any truck driving company easily. The learning approach followed is general so that you can apply them wherever applicable. Whereas when you take the course from the trucking company school they will follow a customized learning pattern which is used in their trucking company to dispatch available loads. Thus you may lack the competing knowledge when compared with the independent school truck driving course.
Check our load board for more such interesting trucking articles.
Now the selection of CDL training depends on your needs and requirements. Drivers and owner operators getting educated from both ways do well once they are on the road. The choice will depend on your initial investment capabilities.

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Owner Operator Jobs Affected by Fuel Price Rise

The rate of diesel fuel is rising constantly and they are at their highest with almost dollar 3.25 per gallon. But according to the department of energy the situation is not that bad yet. The prices could be as high as almost 5 dollars per gallon as they were in summer of 08. But still the price is highest of last one year.
The lowermost price for diesel oil charges in 10 was Jan, 4 at $2.7, thus there was almost 18% increase in consumption. In my point of assessment, we’re beholding for equal mechanism to take place in diesel oil rates in 11. That will provide all of us rate of $3.9. I do not see whether it would become that much problem, but still let us stare what’s fronting all of us in diesel oil rates in 11.

* China’s boom continues
* Account ranks goes down continuously
* Economy lingers to improve mist, which would upsurge trucking claim
* Congress is about to make increase in tax over the fuel prices
* Increase in the consumption of oil all over the world

Let us yield a stare at every of such problems, and you will soon realize the base of the problem which empowers everything. Considering all these issues it is sure that the prices will go high in 11. The only thing to look is this that wills the prices go as high as summer of 08 or not. The only thing that can save us from that is the strong govt. policies and that are already going against the prices, which makes sure that the prices will go high, making it difficult to truck diving jobs.

Reasons of high diesel oil price
China and India are such a topic which is going to affect this issue very much. All the people in these countries are going to ride in motorizes bikes and cars leaving the bullock carts and pulling carts behind. The high population of almost 2.5 billion is certain to take a huge amount of oil which makes the consumption high making the demand high and thus making the prices in here very much high. Check our load board for more articles affecting the available loads and owner operator jobs.
Apart from this the fuel needs of the army are also increasing and a lot of oil is going into reserves making the demand even high which makes the prices more up surging. So you must be sure about the increase in price of the oil in America.
The only thing which can stop this from happening is the govt. policies and that too are going against the common people. Certainly the govt. is going to raise the taxes and this will increase the already high prices of the diesel fuel. The only thing that can save this from happening is tax cut and that is not going to happen.

Planning for fuel management
Now a fuel management plan is a very good idea. This can save the waste of a lot of fuel. Making us enable with more availability of fuel. This can positively affect drivers’ employment.

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Profitable Owner Operator Business Practices

To evaluate any business performance one need to draw out the difference between its income and expenditures. The difference between the two accounts for the profitability of a business. In case of the owner operator jobs, the income is calculated from the paid mileage per month. And the expenditure would include the installment for truck and trailer payments, licenses and permits, tolls, fuel cost, insurance, maintenance and repairs, road and fuel tax, office expenses, factoring services and salaries. The difference in the two will give an owner operator its profit from the business.
If the expenditure is reduced, the income is automatically increased and thus the profit. Few essential business practices to generate profits for owner operators and small trucking companies:
Thorough research of the pros and cons of the industry: You cannot jump into this with your head first. If you have experience as a driver and you know the industry well then you can look forward towards it. However, if you are new to the industry then you need to do your homework before starting with the venture. All calculations and feasibility should be kept in mind.
Emergency Fund: For an owner operator job to run smoothly and climb the ladder of success it is a must to maintain an emergency fund. In case of the truck breakdown or any other crisis you can utilize the fund to solve the problem so that you can get back to roads soon to avoid more loss.
Adequate use of Load boards: With modern innovations you can utilize the services of load boards by large found on the internet. This will help your truck keep going on the roads. With its regular usage you will not have to depend on the traditional methods of personal approach. You can directly get exposure to better deals and loads available for hauling.
Coping with Deadheads: Sometimes it becomes inevitable to avoid deadheads and you have to haul loads to such dead areas. In this case you need to increase your pay per miles so that the deal comes out to be profitable for you. If this doesn’t work out and you are in a situation to afford to sit idle for a day than do not take the load and wait for a better business deal.
Factoring and Insurance Services: If you can make use of a person who can handle your business accounts such as receivables and collections then you should not avail factoring services. This would increase your profit margin. Similarly before taking up an insurance do market research and get the best offer in it.
Negotiate Well: You would maximize your profit if you negotiate with the clients and brokers well. Always calculate the minimum level below which you would not finalize the deal. As you need work the businesses and brokers too need you. Be flexible but not too much, make your requirements clear.
To become a successful O/O you need to have motivation along with set plan of actions and business skills. You can only be successful if you want yourself to be successful.