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Freight Check is the company that aids in freight factoring. The company provides fast and reliable solutions in the line. The professional and well trained staff at Freight Check makes the freight factoring experience for you a pleasant one. There are a number of features that make Freight Check shine among its competitors:

1.       Freight Check holds expertise in serving Small Trucking Companies and Owner Operators. It helps the newly started company to get introduced to new reliable brokers; they will provide the required credit to take care of the initial start up of the business. An accountant service can also be availed to maintain your business accounts. The online credit check and reports help you to control everything that is factored.

2.       The cash requirement is met immediately with the same day funding feature by the Freight Check. When the bill is purchased the complete payment against the bill is done, unlike other factoring companies which hold the part of the funds in reserve account. The fee applied for bills purchasing is same for all the bills and the money against the bills is deposited to the Comcheck directly or over the phone.

3.       The Freight Check provides you with your Comchek cards for free. This card can be issued to your company or your truck drivers. The card will help you keep track of all the transactions that are done with the card like ATM withdrawals, debit transactions, phone calls etc.

4.       The company provides you the flexibility to choose a certain broker of which all the freight bills are automatically factored by the Freight Check in future, unless you stop the process. The Account Management center of this factoring company also provides credit information of all important brokers so that you can be aware of the broker you will be hauling for.

5.       There is no minimum and maximum limit that should be factoring every month.

6.       The Freight Check also provides complete administration support such as correspondence, invoicing, fuel cards entry, accounts and reporting.

7.       There is no close ended contract like for 6 months or 1 year when you use the Freight Check factoring services.

8.       No debt is created only the amount equal to the bills receivables is paid to you. The process only helps you get your money quickly and there is no need for owner operators to wait for 30-60 day periods.

9.       The factoring service is non-recourse.

How to avail the factoring service of Freight Check?

The quick and efficient way to get the funds receivable in your hand within the same day you submit your freight bills is now possible through Freight Check. You can submit your freight bills by simply opening an online account. The user Id and password will be provided to you upon registration. Whenever you want to use the factoring service of the company simply login with the credentials to the Account Management Center of the company. The center will track all the information of your account. You can submit an online factoring application by selecting the particular broker after the delivering of load. You will be funded the full amount same day with the Comchek card.

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Interstate Capital Corp: Freight Factoring Services

If you are in to some trucking business then this article will help you a lot to improve your business skills and business itself. Most of the times the cash flow of the shipping and trucking industries gets interrupted because they wait for the payment which is to be paid by the enlisted companies who utilize their services. So to avoid this interruption of cash flow freight factoring is utilized.

In freight factoring the truckers are immediately paid after they have completed their work. And this payment is not concerned with the payment of the shippers for which they are actually working. The freight factoring companies like Interstate Capital firstly purchases the shipping company’s invoices and then releases funds for the carriers. Shipping companies then pay to their invoices within 30 to 40 days. The owner operators in the trucking companies keep repairs, salaries, maintenance and fuel in their minds because these are the most vital expenditures of any trucking company. And these expenses are needed to be full filled regularly after a particular time interval. Utilizing freight factoring can help you to get the payment on time to full fill all these basic expenses
Now days this freight factoring facility is also available online you can utilize facility of freight factoring by simply getting an access to the internet. You have to invoice your trucking company with the freight factoring facility providers online and they will pay you the amount immediately. Among this freight factoring providers’ one name is “interstate capital”, which is a reliable online factoring facility providing company.
Interstate Capital provides categories of freight factoring facility depending on the size of the business and automobiles used for shipment or utilized in business. They also provide fuel advances up to 40 % which helps to manage the expenses of the trucking company. Factoring rates per invoice starts at as low as 0.49% per invoice. They will mail you the invoices regularly so that you must be informed. The company provides 24/7 access to the invoice records and reports through an efficient online system. Freight factoring is more reliable than taking loans, because of the fact that the Interstate Capital charges according to the payer’s payment scale and then makes their decisions. And it is very easy to get factoring as compared to getting the loan for your business because while getting loan you have to full fill certain formalities, while Interstate Capital online proposal takes just 2 minutes. And it takes only 3 business days to fund the freight companies.
While availing the freight factoring facility, Interstate Capital provides you with the professional services of preparation of the invoices, their postage and collection. The company also provide you funding without considering the original bill of shipment and the fund transfer is also online, so it is completely electronic, which is the need of recent times. The payment is posted every day on time with out any delay. There we see that Interstate Capital gives fast and efficient solutions for the smooth running of the trucking business.
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An Insight to Truck Driving Jobs!

Freight and logistics related jobs from the trucking industry are the most sought-after jobs in the United States. The reason for such jobs being in demand is the trucking industry in the United States today is expanding enormously. The job does not involve just the delivery of goods and materials, but the drivers have to be really skillful to perform the truck driving job. As there is a high requirement for skilled workers in this field the jobs in this sector are high-salaried jobs. With the new inventions and innovations taking place each day around us, the traditional truck also changing for the betterment.

There is a complete tie up between the owner operator and the driver. The owner operators are always in need of the skilled driver because they need to handle this very responsible work of handling heavy trucks and delivering the goods to their clients on time. For this they need to reply only on the experts. They are willing to pay good salary for getting an expert in the field. In turn truck drivers will work hard to deliver their best results so that they can provide highest delivery solutions for present consignment and make the relations between the parties good for future business too. The truck drivers also work for handling the truckloads to get an extra income. Both have to work hand in hand for complete collaboration and the benefits of each other.

Some other perks enjoyed by the truck driver to make their occupation a little more lucrative is that the trucking companies sometimes allow the family of the truck driver to visit them at the place of their work.  The industry will provide the driver with some allowances like medical benefits, insurance and safety. Modern trucking system will include all the equipment and tools needed to complete the journey for the delivery of goods, especially in the case of liquids or hazardous chemicals. These days’ truck drivers are provided with GPS tracking device which will help you to find your location and provide road guides to reach to your destination. As long as the driver is serving the purpose of the company the company will take care of his needs. He can work with his own flexibility as long as the goods are delivered on time.

A skilled owner operator driver is needed by the trucking company to take over the freight services and shipment of goods. A good truck driver must have certain qualifications that are set by the company such as knowledge in terms of maps, routes, traffic rules, and navigation. Good manners and a high sense of responsibility is needed by the company. The driver must be disciplined and give priority to safety. He should avoid mistakes that can cause death, injury and loss of any sort.

Since to search such skilled drivers is becoming tough day by day, there are many load boards today that provides all freight and trucking industry solutions in a fast and reliable way. The trucking business now can avail such facility and can get there requirements like drivers and others met by them.

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Owner Operator Jobs and Its Impact on the Economy!

The trucking system has been playing an obvious and vital role in the economies of the countries because it is the most important mode of transport of goods in any country. The nation’s progress and trucking system go hand in hand as the profitable trucking system generates high revenues for the country. An efficient owner operator would be able to cater to the requirements of the country both in the case of material delivery and monetary benefits. For any economy to flourish supply chain plays the major role. And if the supply chain is strong and available at the right time then it will prove as a great asset for the country to survive and progress in this competitive world. Trucking system is directly and indirectly affecting the economy of every country at a much deeper level. “The logistic of any country can suggest the future progress of any country”. stright truck freight is the most popular mode of transferring goods from one place to another.

Therefore, it is expanding enormously in every developing and the developed country. With the growing trucking industry there are ample of jobs generated within the country everyday. People looking out for the jobs of drivers, helpers, cleaners and loaders can be easily adopted by this advancing industry. Such large scale job opportunities generated will help share the load of the country fighting against unemployment. Increased employment in turn will surely enhance the economy of any country. A normal truck transport service may require a bundle of other industry and services to come together to accomplish the final task of freight transfer. Packaging company will do the packaging of goods to be transferred. Loading people will load the truck. Driver will drive the vehicle to the required destination. Mechanics and engineers will take out the fault if any occurs on the road. Petrol stations will fill and earn from the fuel needed to drive the truck.

Thus we see how many individuals and companies are benefited from the single task of freight transportation. The demand and supply chain of trucking industry will widely affect the demand and supply chain of other industries related to it. But to maintain an effective transport system in the country, the government of the country has to actively participate to improvise the trucking industry. This can be achieved by developing good road networks and safety regulations on the road. This step will make the trucking industry deliver more timely and profitable business for themselves and the country as a whole.

However to maintain such a system the country requires fund which are raised in the form of income taxes, sales taxes, Fuels taxes etc. Other way to generate funds can be toll taxes and fares taken from the ones who use the road networks. Thus we see that at every step country’s economy and the trucking industry are very much dependent on each other. If one flourishes it will make the other one strong too.


Choptank Transport

Choptank Transport was founded in 1984 as a one-truck operation, but the roots can be traced back much farther. Choptank’s parent company, AW Sisk, began in 1891 and today, is still the oldest company existing in Caroline County. Over the years, Choptank matured into a fully integrated sales, logistics and warehousing operation with over 100,000 square feet of space right here in Preston, MD. To handle the growing demand of freight movement, Choptank was founded as an asset-based freight management broker. By 1999, Choptank had truly evolved into a thriving member of the logistics community. Today, Choptank continues to have one the fastest growth rates in the industry and stands out for its exceptional service and capabilities. Serving the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Choptank has over 10,000 carriers under contract who share our commitment to superior service and reliability. By offering premium pay, fast settlements, Comchek® advances, 24 hour dispatch, and excellent dispatch-carrier relations, we are able to retain high level, quality carriers.

Choptank Transport uses loadboard to post freight and find owner operators. For more information you can visit Choptank Transport