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Changing Times for Trucking Transportation

Transportation via trucks in the United States is the primary source of goods and materials transportation means over land. This can be marked as the most interesting and revolutionary period for the trucking sector seen so far. Competition is tougher than ever, quality and services are better than ever. The benefits are equally reaped by big and small fishes in the business owing to the technology advancements and industry awareness. Truck driver employment requires a relatively higher qualification now. Regulations by the highway and other national authorities are getting harder to meet.

The business had very few competitors in the past. Now the things are changing and the trucking industry is facing increased challenges everyday. The train cargo services are expanding their network and reach. Trucking is also the obvious choice for medium to small businesses but some large chains and companies are shifting their trend toward the train cargo services due to decreased time of transportation. Innovative designs of carriages allow the shipping company to carry more loads in a single journey. However the trains have a drawback that they can never overcome, that is they need rail roads to carry goods around. So, quite simply trucks have access to some areas where trains cannot go, yet. To beat the competition the truckers have also implemented their market strategies and provide an easy and convenient option to haul available loads.

In the present tough and turbulent economic times when clients demand more loads to be transferred in less time and with cheaper price, trucking sector is experiencing some down trends. Individuals and their families associated with the business are also affected. Truck driving jobs get reduced when there is comparatively low freight and cargo to be carried.
Many reasons are behind the scene to the present day situation of the trucking section in United States. Cost of fuel in local and international market is attributed as the main cause of the problem. The uncertainty in the fuel pricing makes the business somewhat more risky than usual overall.

Truck driving jobs have become more and more demanding. Authorities and individual carrier companies of goods transportation are imposing tougher regulations and rules for their drivers. In this situation the freight forwarding companies and the freight broker wants to survive and thus their demands for load transporters are getting higher and higher every day. Even if the owner operator uses the truck load boards, the one who bids lowest gets the deal

The most important change in the truck load carrying sector is that now the loads are available online. All truckers are free to bid on their desired load. The competition in the Industry is causing lower transportation rates and also choice to truckers whenever and whatever load they want to transport.

With access to internet in their vehicles the truckers are now available to plan their route to maximize the loads. They have also increased their capacity of load per truck; this affects cost of transportation and gives truckers an edge. Some larger trucking companies have online load tracking facility for their clients. This increases confidence and reliability of the trucking company and of the sector overall.


Choosing The Right Load Board

There are many load boards to choose from so when making the hard decision if a load board is good or not, an owner operator can evaluate how long the load board keeps expired loads in its system to start with. Knowing this information will really allow you to gauge whether or not the board is one that they should frequent or not. Most load boards will have its inventory of loads daily meaning no load stays on the board for more than 24 hours. When the load board has a good relationship with its customers, a customer will find that the shippers and brokers will actively manage the loads they have posted not only daily but throughout the day. This works both ways, because the load board owners should also work actively to manage the board to keep all of the data as fresh as possible. The more recent the information the better because if it is recent that means that it is good for the taking…and that a deal can be made!

Owner Operators search for Freight loads placed on the load board, shippers or brokers typically post loads that are meant for full size trailers. However, there should be no surprise that on load boards a customer will find partial or Less Than Truck Load (LTL) loads posted by shippers or freight brokers. a driver can definitely expect to see posted load sizes to vary from very small up to full loads with many different trailer types such as flatbed, dry van, reefer, box truck, straight truck and bobtails. This allows for each trucking company to pick and choose the loads that fit their needs or capabilities best and it is all done quickly and accurately because it is done through the internet.

load boards or good for both owner operators finding jobs and shippers or brokers finding drivers and will help get more truck loads. Not only will it help get more truck loads, it will help to streamline the process of getting more truck loads. In the past trucking companies and those companies that had the loads that needed hauling were paying fees that were making it difficult to stay afloat. Today, with an ever changing economy, it is nice that everyone is able to access the information in an affordable way.

Today those who take the loads and those who need the loads taken from point A to point B can easily meet up and decide for themselves if theirs is a business deal that they would like to enter into. Who would have ever guessed that getting loads from one area to the next would really would be this easy? Load boards really have revolutionized the trucking business and there is no doubt that the load board technology will continue to grow and expand with technology, making it easier than ever as time goes along.

Lifestyle Newbies Trucker News

Truck Driver Jobs – Importance in the Industry

Importance of Freight Brokers in Trucking Industry!

Freight in general terms is referred to as goods that need to be transported from the place of production to the place where it can be utilized as a commodity. For freight shipment various modes of transport can be availed depending on the requirements. Airlines, ships and trucks are the three main modes that are used globally for shipping of goods. These days intermodal freight transport has gained its importance when the cargo safety is of utmost importance. Freight brokers helps create new owner operator jobs when any such requirements arise.

Now the question is how the manufacturers or producer companies can avail an efficient freight transport system to distribute their goods safely and on time? Here comes the role played by Freight Brokers. Freight broker acts as a link between the companies or individuals that need shipping service and the truckers and owner operators that provide shipping service. The shipment price is decided keeping in mind the rate which is beneficial to all the three parties involved for the goods shipped. By paying a little commission to the broker the shipper can get the required reliable shipping service without putting in efforts to find one themselves. Some companies hire fright broker to take care of the complete shipment procedures of theirs.

Freight brokers avail the services of efficient load boards. They can track all the trucking industry information and updates from the load boards. They would come know of any available loads or if any company is in need of the broker service. Simple bidding by a few clicks of your mouse button and the job will be yours. The broker in turn will contact the shipper and the trucker to accomplish the task. This is both economical and reliable for both parties. With the professional service by the broker the shipper can track the real time location of the shipped goods whereas the carrier companies and individual trucker can get the quick payments for the goods delivered by them with fright brokers in between to smoothen up the process.

The expert service of freight brokers are really important when the goods to be delivered require special shipment process, such as LTL hauls, long hauls. In case of the goods being hazardous they wood require exceptional freight transfer techniques. As the brokers know the trucking industry inside out they can provide with such special services efficiently.

Many of the freight brokers are the ones who themselves have worked with some trucking companies. They have gained the technical skills and experience and now use their knowledge in a more rewarding job of the fright broker. There are many freight broking programs running across the world which can make you a professional freight broker in the trucking industry.

Thus we see the freight brokers are playing a vital role in trucking industry. They provide fast and efficient trucking solutions to the shipper and provide with valuable jobs to the shipping company. They widely use their personal contacts to keep climbing the success ladder in the industry. For information on How to start the freight broker business check out other posts by us.

Lifestyle Newbies Trucker News

Load Boards – How To Use Them ?

How Does This load board Help Me If I am a Truck Driver or Owner Operator?

If you are Truck Driver or Owner Operator you are going to use this load board to find available truck loads in your local area or to move truck loads from state to state.  load board Once You have found a truck load that matches your trailer type, simply contact the shipper of that load with the contact information the shipper left when the shipper placed the truck load. Find Freight Loads is not the Shipping Company, we are a freight matching service the utilizes our load board to match freight between you the truck drivers and the shippers placing the available truck loads. Click Here If You Are Looking for Local Trucking Companies. We Have over 30,000 Trucking Comapies Nationwide in our database. OnlyRegistered Members can view contact information for an available truck load.

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An Insight to Truck Driving Jobs!

Freight and logistics related jobs from the trucking industry are the most sought-after jobs in the United States. The reason for such jobs being in demand is the trucking industry in the United States today is expanding enormously. The job does not involve just the delivery of goods and materials, but the drivers have to be really skillful to perform the truck driving job. As there is a high requirement for skilled workers in this field the jobs in this sector are high-salaried jobs. With the new inventions and innovations taking place each day around us, the traditional truck also changing for the betterment.

There is a complete tie up between the owner operator and the driver. The owner operators are always in need of the skilled driver because they need to handle this very responsible work of handling heavy trucks and delivering the goods to their clients on time. For this they need to reply only on the experts. They are willing to pay good salary for getting an expert in the field. In turn truck drivers will work hard to deliver their best results so that they can provide highest delivery solutions for present consignment and make the relations between the parties good for future business too. The truck drivers also work for handling the truckloads to get an extra income. Both have to work hand in hand for complete collaboration and the benefits of each other.

Some other perks enjoyed by the truck driver to make their occupation a little more lucrative is that the trucking companies sometimes allow the family of the truck driver to visit them at the place of their work.  The industry will provide the driver with some allowances like medical benefits, insurance and safety. Modern trucking system will include all the equipment and tools needed to complete the journey for the delivery of goods, especially in the case of liquids or hazardous chemicals. These days’ truck drivers are provided with GPS tracking device which will help you to find your location and provide road guides to reach to your destination. As long as the driver is serving the purpose of the company the company will take care of his needs. He can work with his own flexibility as long as the goods are delivered on time.

A skilled owner operator driver is needed by the trucking company to take over the freight services and shipment of goods. A good truck driver must have certain qualifications that are set by the company such as knowledge in terms of maps, routes, traffic rules, and navigation. Good manners and a high sense of responsibility is needed by the company. The driver must be disciplined and give priority to safety. He should avoid mistakes that can cause death, injury and loss of any sort.

Since to search such skilled drivers is becoming tough day by day, there are many load boards today that provides all freight and trucking industry solutions in a fast and reliable way. The trucking business now can avail such facility and can get there requirements like drivers and others met by them.


Different Truck Types for Different Purposes

All over the world Trucking Industry provides fast and reliable solutions for carrying freight loads and delivering logistics services. To fulfill different task as per the requirement many new innovations and technologies have been introduced in this sector. The Trucks used for varied purposes are designed intricately so that they can perform the jobs efficiently without the loss of the time, material and lives.
There are many different types of trucks meant for different purposes:
Flatbed Truck: As the name suggests the flatbed truck has a complete flat cargo body. There are no sides and roof attached to it. With this truck easy loading and unloading of heavy loads is possible. Construction equipments and a heavy load which have irregular shapes are best to be carried on the flatbed truck. The truck comes in both types rigid and articulated.
Straight Truck or Box Truck: This is the most commonly used type of truck which can perform the transport of usual goods. This truck is known by many different names: Box truck, Bob truck, Cube truck and Cube van. The cargo space of the truck is an enclosed area of cuboid shape. The Straight truck comes in small and big sizes ranging from 4 to 7 m in length. Box Truck Freight is mostly used to haul goods that should be protected from wear and tear through the journey such as furniture and electronic appliances. Panel truck is also a kind of straight truck that does not have any windows on the cargo box. It is used to carry consumer goods like diapers, laundry, tinned food packages etc.
Semi Trailer Truck: The truck is known differently at different places of the world. Semi Tractor truck Prime Mover, Transfer truck and Big-rig are the common names given to the Semi Trailer Truck. The truck is an articulated vehicle which has a towing engine and a semi trailer. There can be possibly more than one trailer attached to one engine. The main feature which makes the trailer truck different from an ordinary truck is that the trailer is not completely attached to the engine but is fixed at one point on the rare axle of the towing engine. It works in such a way that all the weight of the trailer is not put on the towing unit but a part of it is taken up by the connecting axle.
18 Wheeler Truck: This is again a semi trailer truck which has 18 wheels to carry heavy freight
Dump Truck: A dump truck as the name suggests is used to carry the loose materials like gravel and sand. These goods can be easily dumped with the use of Dump truck at the site of their usage such as construction sites. The back of the truck is hinged with an open box bed which runs with hydraulic operation. The bed can be lifted easily to dump the goods on the ground.
Tanker Truck: The truck is widely used to carry liquid freights or bulk cargo. They come in wide ranges as per the need.


Top 10 Questions – How Load Board Works?

Top 10 Questions & Answers

1. How much are loads paying and how do I get paid?

Q: The #1 question we receive daily is how do I get paid for moving the load, and who pays me?

A: does not broker loads. We put you in contact directly with the Shipper, Manufacture or Broker of the load posted on our loadboard. You will agree to any payment terms and rates with them directly. does not have the pay rates posted on our load board. We provide owern operators with the phone number to contact the poster to inquire about the pay rate and how you will receive your funds after you deliver the load.

2. How do I know if the Shipper is trust worthy?

Q: Do you offer any type of credit lookup to see how long it will take to pay and a brokers credit score.

A: Yes, if the load is posted by a broker we do offer our members 5 FREE credit report look ups per month. You will be able to get the brokers credit score and their average days to pay. If you need more than 5 credit score lookups per month we have another membership package for unlimited uses.

3. What do I get with, what makes your load board different?

Q: How much is your service, and how does your site work?

A: Every member has a 3 Day Free trial. If you like our 24/7 Dispatching service you can become a member for 29.95/monthly. Click here for information on the 50+ different features our competition does not have, that you get for a low monthly fee.
We provide you with access to your loadboard and over the phone 24/7 support and dispatching service. Payments by Visa, Master Card and Pay Pal only.

4. Why is your loadboard the cheapest?

Q: Is there a contract with your membership

A: NO CONTRACT!, you are free to cancel your membership at anytime. We have a no questions asked return policy, but we do ask why you want to cancel membership so we can improve our service to current members and future ones.

5. Do you have loads for smaller trucks?

Q: I own a 24″ and 26″ Box Truck cargo van, do you have loads for my type of truck?

A: YES!, we have loads of many different weight classes. From 0-16,000lbs mostly bobtails, goosenecks and hotshot trucks to 24,00lbs mainly 26ft Dry Vans all the way to 48,000lb trailers like Reefer, 53″ Vans, Containers, Flatbeds and Auto.
However the frequency of available loads does differ between states, location and distance and the required intrastate or interstate permits required to move the loads.

6. I am a broker, can I use this site?

Q: If I need to post my loads is there a fee for this service and what can I do with this service?

A: If you need to just post loads we do have a FREE Broker posting account we can offer. If you need to search our owner operator directory you will have to register with our 29.95/monthly membership. If you have over 100 loads that need to be posted daily we do offer a free upload service and you can email us the excel or any file that has the load info you wish to post.

7. How do I get my FREE T-shirt?

Q: how do I order my free shirt that you offer?

A: Just Ask! tell us what you want on your shirt and we will send out next day. Only members are eligible to receive up to 2 shirts per month. Each month you are eligible to get a new design on your shirts. We plan on having more offers soon to give out to all members monthly.

8. Your the only site that has backhaul loads?

Q: Do you have a return load back so I do not have to dead head home?

A: YES! all loads on our loadboard have the option to view the available backhaul loads. We have the back hauls divided into 3 sections, state-to-state, city-to-state, and city-to-city.

9. What does the bid feature work?

Q: I bid on a load, but I did not get a reply back, what happens next?

A: After you bid on a load, its always best you contact the shipper DIRECTLY, placing a bid does not mean the poster will reply with any confirmation about your bid. emails your bid to the email address of the poster and most poster of our board get 100’s of emails per day on various loads so I may be difficult for them to contact you back. Its always best to call and get a rate.

10. I told my friend about your service and they signed up?

Q: Can I share my account with my friend?

YES!, you can use our load board on more than one computer at a time. Fore every member you referred you get 50% commission on their first month membership and 20% commission for every month after. We have a great affiliate program to spread the name around.

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Just Getting Into the Trucking Business?

So your thinking of becoming a truck driver but dont know where to start? There are many types of trailers and loads you can haul from 48ft flatbed trailers to Reefer trailers to smaller 24-26ft straight truck (bobtail trailers).  You can driver interstate or intrastate…which loads are good for you, and which loads make the most money?

For most loads brokers or shippers will want a driver to have some expierience and probably want them driving approx 4-6months of over the road experience. Other manufactures need their loads deliveried ASAP and will let a driver haul a load with little experience.

A good place to start is with the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) new drivers checklist. Once you have got your experience under your belt you will probably have lots of questions about your next steps like What is a reasonable/acceptable starting pay per mileage? or what other expenses you may have as a owner operator.

To find new loads you can get wireless access at truck stops an get on a trucking loadboards to find available loads. is a great loadboard that will dispatch loads over the phone so you dont need a computer or internet access when your over the road.

Another great place to start when your a new owner operator is trucking forums, they are a great place for newbies and experienced drivers give great feedback.


How To Find Owner Operators

Thousands of Owner Operators search load board looking for backhauls so they will not have dead head miles. The above video shows how a member would use our load board system to find available owner operators. Shippers and brokers can post their truck loads for free, giving owner operators thousands of new daily loads to choose from many trailer types. also provides this service of load matching over the phone by providing a 24/7 Dispatching service to our members so that there will always be a way for a driver or shipper to book a load.