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Dispute Innacurate Information on your DAC Report Repair

There may be Inaccurate, negative, and possibly damaging information on your DAC Report and you
might not even know it. In some instances this information could cost you money, a raise, or even a job.
The only true way to know what carriers are saying about you, Is to order your FREE report.

Our DAC Disputing Services

We work diligently in reviewing, verifying, and correcting negative and inaccurate information from your
DAC Report, The only ones who can remove the information is the company that put it on there. We
work closely with HireRight and thousands of trucking companies on your behalf in order to correct and
update your DAC Employment History File. We make them prove that their entry and claim is valid. If the
company you worked for fails to verify your disputed claim within 30 days, then this item will be removed
from your DAC Report. Not all trucking companies use DAC services, but the majority of all US carriers
do use this service and reports such information as the dates you worked for that carrier, driver

status (this is the type of driver you were, Owner Op, Company Driver, etc..), lanes you ran
(regional, 48 states, local), and types of equipment and freight you hauled. This information is
basic and just lets your potential employers know what kind of experience you have. The part of
your DAC that has the biggest impact on whether or not a carrier moves further into the hiring
process are the more personalized questions such as Eligibility for Rehire, Reson For Leaving,
Your Work Record, Accident/Incident History, and Drug and Alcohol.

Why Use Us?

When disputing inaccuracies with HireRight you only have one chance to get the information corrected or
removed. Once the information has been deemed verified, it will be almost impossible to get it changed.
With our unique strategies, knowledge of the trucking industry, and relationships with HireRight and the
majority of the nations carriers we can not only save you time but can definitely save you money, and
improve your image. We offer 100% satisfaction and a money back guarantee to all our clients. Its Time
you stand up for yourself, Take A Stand Against HireRIght


How Can a CDL Driver Clear the Negative Charges off the DAC report?

As we have seen in the earlier blog posted on our load board, a DAC report is the one which contains all the driving history of a driver. It includes drug/alcohol tests, criminal reports, MVR records, accidents and other incidents related to the driving with the earlier carrier companies the driver has worked for. The DAC report has gained its importance as major percentage of the carrier companies ask for this report before hiring any commercial driver.
If the report has inaccurate or false information that goes negative on your driving part then it should be rectified immediately as the negative charges might affect your driving career for years to come. The serious criminal convictions should be expunged from the court records, only then the convictions will be erased from the DAC report.

You can seek legal service in this regard. One such company is They give affordable and reliable service with a high success rate

Check out the steps below if you are seeking a legal advice:
Take the copy of the original conviction judgment, analyze and figure out the situation in when you were convicted and that is there any scope of that the case can be expunged. You do a thorough research by referring to the FindLaw websites to learn about the statutes and procedures of expunging any specific case.

After you find out that you qualify for the conviction to be expunged, the next step is to get an attorney or prepare the documents required for the petition yourself.

Now you need to file a petition with the court where your conviction has been recorded. The next step will be simple if your state does automatic expunging in case you qualify the statutes. In other states where this facility is not working. You will be called for a hearing in front of the judge after you have filed a petition. Its then solely on the judge’s discretion to grant you the petition and give you a clean chit or deny it.

After the legal procedure is over, you need to get you DAC report to ensure that the charge has been removed from the DAC report as well. HireRight is the company where you can get your free annual DAC report.

The information about your truck driving job is placed on the DAC report by the carrier companies you have previously worked with or by the companies whose orientation programs you have attended in the past. Thus, if you watch out for some key areas you will not get strangled in the negative conviction at the first place.

1. Whenever you are planning to leave a carrier company, give at least two weeks resignation notice. In such cases the company cannot charge you negatively against available loads abundance or quit under dispatch cases. These negative points prove very harmful when you seek new truck driver employment.

2. Attend the orientation program and give the pre-employment drug screening test only to the employer you are certain you will work with. If you unnecessarily attend an orientation program of a carrier company and leave the orientation program in between, the company can report this to DAC. Thus you can easily avoid such conditions and keep your DAC report clean by selective approach.
3. For small incidents and accidents try not to report them and pay off the damage yourself. This will help keep your DAC and insurance report clean.

4. Never say no to random drug test. Give the test and make sure to take the document which shows you have undergone the test. Add the paper to your trucking records.

I hope this article will be helpful to you to know how to expunge your DAC report and to avoid the negative convictions beforehand.