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Air Partner Freight continues strong growth trajectory in H1 2018

Following on from a record 2017, the Freight team at Air Partner has enjoyed a busy and fruitful first half of the financial year, winning cargo mandates from a variety of new and existing customers. As was recently announced in Air Partner’s interim results, Freight gross profit was up 36.4% for the six months ended 31 July 2018. Air Partner’s 24/7 offering and personalized service have continued to attract clients over the past year and time-critical requests are an important segment of the Freight business. Clients that use Air Partner’s Freight services are diverse, from Oil Gas companies to Charities.

Air Partner’s freight division has continued to grow its global operations. The Freight division has achieved this growth in the face of mounting pressure in the market for charter brokers to change tactics to increase their market share by either working directly with shippers or becoming aircraft operators in their own right.

Air Partner, however, remains true to its principles by working solely with freight forwarders. Mike Hill, Director of Freight at Air Partner, commented: “I am proud of the tireless work of the Freight team and our success in the first half of the year. We won’t be resting on our laurels, however – we are committed to continue growing our client numbers, whilst never sacrificing the high levels of customer service that are synonymous with Air Partner.” Air Partner Freight charters aircraft of every size to fly cargo anywhere, at any time, whatever its weight, size or shape.

Serving freight forwarders, governments, relief, and humanitarian organizations, the freight team provides bespoke air charter solutions to meet a wide range of cargo charter needs. From urgent ‘go now’ requirements moving small quantities of automotive spare parts, through to the most complex project cargo shipments taking several months to plan, Air Partner Freight has the skills, experience, and expertise to ensure shipments are handled securely and reliably. Air Partner Freight has cargo specialists in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Turkey, who provide a strength of knowledge by utilizing all types of aircraft for tailored cargo charter services.
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FMCSA unveils cross-border trucking plan

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced proposal details of cross-border trucking project with Mexico, which will require fewer participants and equip participating Mexican trucks with GPS or electronic on-board recorders.The FMCSA’s April 8 plan for a cross-border trucking project with Mexico otherwise contained few details not already disclosed by Mexican or U.S. officials or contained in the previous program Congress ended in 2009.

Trucking plan
The agency’s notice and request for comment on the plan will be published soon in the Federal Register. After that, the public will have 30 days to comment. The FMCSA will formally respond to feedback and consider public comment in forming its final program.The agency anticipates an average of one long-haul border crossing per week per truck with each Mexican carrier having two trucks participating in the program. It assumes an attrition rate of 25 percent after 18 months in the project and calculates 46 carriers will suffice to achieve a target of 4,100 inspections within three years.

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Senate bill would raise truck weight limits

Federal truck weight reform legislation that would give each state the flexibility to raise interstate weight limits has been reintroduced in the U.S. Senate.The Safe and Efficient Transportation Act (S. 747) is sponsored by Sens. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio).Like identical companion legislation pending in the House of Representatives, SETA would give each state the option to raise interstate weight limits selectively from 80,000 pounds to up to 97,000 pounds. The higher limit applies only to vehicles equipped with six axles instead of the typical five. The additional axle would not affect truck size, but would allow shippers to use extra cargo space.

Truck Loads

“SETA is a narrowly drawn bill that enables companies to move a given amount of product in fewer vehicles without adding more weight per tire or increasing stopping distances,” said John Runyan, executive director for the Coalition for Transportation Productivity, a group of more than 180 shippers and allied associations backing the legislation.The American Trucking Associations previously has estimated that the trucking industry will haul 30 percent more tonnage in 2021 than it does today. If current weight restrictions remain the same, ATA estimated the U.S. economy will require 18 percent more trucks on the road driving 27 percent more miles than they do now. Runyan said SETA would help correct this imbalance by allowing shippers to reduce truckloads, fuel, emissions and vehicle miles traveled for each ton of freight shipped.


Technology-Truckers love to hate

Not only do truck drivers travel on the open roads but they also journey down the internet! Modern Technology gives truckers a big boost in countless areas and can make life on the road easier or at least a lot more tolerable as they are away from home. Truck driving software programs help to make all of the book keeping and paperwork less difficult to handle and keep organized. Laptop computers assist with keeping in touch with family, pals and also the trucking corporation they work for.
Old Driver Confused with Technology
Truckers by nature are fiercely independent and they don’t like being told what to do. They also face impossible cost pressures that force many to drive far more hours in a day than may be safe – or legal. Replacing paper logbooks with electronic ones could improve compliance. But faced with rising fuel costs and EPA mandated equipment, most see information technology as just another cost burden. Electronic logbooks could make hours of service and other data logging faster and easier. Widespread use could also make roads safer by making it harder to falsify driver logs and drive beyond the 11 hours legally allowed per day per Federal Moter Carrier Safety Administration rules. But in the battle between these groups, electronic driver logs are viewed as a competitive weapon – or threat.

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Is Freight Transportation makes you Profitable?

When deciding if freight transportation might be a profitable business, the first thing you must do is take a look throughout your residence. Look at your garage, kitchen or office and find something that didn`t get transported as freight. Once you realize the fact that transportation services is about the most wide reaching industry you can think of, it`s time to decide if you want to attempt to start your own freight transportation business. Being as the industry is so huge, there are plenty of opportunities for even a small start-up to build business and make a realistic profit. The decision you must make is which sector of the industry would be most valuable to you. This created an outburst in the business of organizing the shipments via inter-modal transportation. Tertiary logistical organization of freight shipping is key to the existence and growth of the transportation services sector. Because the sector is so enormous, there is a diverse range of different businesses that all profit and have a role in the inter-modal transportation services sector.

Freight Transportation

The key player in every shipment involving freight transportation is a freight broker. This individual or firm performs as a middle man to link shippers with freight carriers. They organize the process and figure out how the items will get form point A to point B. The person who sends the freight is the shipper. He operates with a broker to get the cargo picked up and on their way. A motor carrier is the company that supplies truck transportation. These individual positions open up a massive amount of different opportunities that definitely make the freight transportation commercial enterprise to be profitable business venture.The only thing to understand about the inter-modal freight transportation services industry is that it is a consistently altering entity. While each different type of business may seem unassociated, each step of shipment overlaps. Thereby certain entities may direct many of these positions.

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How to Start a Trucking Business?

Trucking businesses have therefore flourished because of the necessity for trucking services in moving food and consumer goods. If you are planning to get into the trucking business, it is important that you know basic things about operating a trucking business.
Trucking business clients
Targeted market for a trucking business includes people and business organizations that manufacture, sell and distribute goods and materials. Getting big companies to work with you will be difficult though if your trucking company is just starting up and your trucking transport business has limited coverage. It is therefore important that you look for alternative potential clients which can include small business operators that are participating in trade shows to showcase their goods and products. These clients need trucking services when moving their goods from one location to another.


Marketing your trucking business
You can increase the number of clients who avail of your trucking services by advertising your trucking freight business. You may, for example, post ads in trade magazines where prospective clients are able to find them. You can also offer better rates than other trucking businesses and highlight your special rates when sending brochures to potential customers. Word of mouth remains to be helpful so take the opportunity to provide the best service to your clients as this can help spread the world about the excellent trucking services that you offer.


Long Haul History

The trucking industry in the United States has a affected the political and economic history of the United States in the 20th century. Before the invention of automobiles, most freight was moved by train or horse-drawn vehicle.Trucks of all kinds occupy the roads, from semi-trucks carrying mega payloads across major highways to stylish Studebaker personal truck models from the middle of the twentieth century being carefully maintained by classic truck enthusiasts.People have long used truck-like vehicles to transport goods, though before mechanical engines they were often drawn by pack animals or humans. But as civilizations have advanced, the need for better, more powerful methods of transportation has evolved alongside the evolution of society.The trucks of today fulfill many job descriptions, but their usage is solidly defined in the human consciousness: a truck is not mistaken for any other type of vehicle. From its early use as “a cart for carrying heavy loads” to the modern “motor vehicle for carrying heavy loads,” the word “truck” definitively embodies the idea of moving goods—but the idea has come a long way.
Beautiful Sunset
Before motor trucks, railroads controlled inland transport of goods and services in the nineteenth century. The powerful railroad industry was the focus of technological innovation in an era when intermediate transportation needs were largely met by vehicles drawn by pack animals.The “flexibility of the horse” in transportation had no equal until self-propelled steam-powered vehicles began emerging, first in Europe and then in America, in the late eighteenth century.
Trucks are not just commercial motor vehicles. They have profound importance in the freight business, specifically in the trucking industry. For practical reason, there is no individual who wants to purchase trucks and trailers if he or she does not engage in a trucking business. A multibillion-dollar industry, the trucking business has a huge impact in the supply chain, in the economy, road transformation and in the employment aspect. It contributes a great portion in the US economy and is a very important link in the supply and demand activities.

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Freight Broker Training Course – How to Become A Freight Broker

The freight broker training program by is a meticulously designed and planned training program by the industry experts. If you are aspiring to become a successful freight broker then, you can lay the foundation of this reaping freight broker business with The Freight broker course offered here is exceptional when compared to other similar training programs. Our program targets at the comprehensive assistance that is required by new candidates especially when they are new to the industry itself.

Freight Broker Training
Freight Broker Training
The FreightBrokersCourse comes at half the price and double the features of other online broker courses. Moreover, we don’t only sell the course and leave you wandering in the industry. We back you up with our strong transportation network which we have developed in last so many years being in the industry.
The training manual is very easy to understand and outlines all the minute details which you might want to know before you start the freight broker business. This handy manual is a must have as it will resolve many of your queries at different stages while you are in the business. It comes along with the purchase of the course or can be purchased separately. The topics covered in the manual are:
• Freight Broker/Agent job description
• Setting up your business
• Becoming a freight broker
• Members involved in a freight movement transaction & their roles How to find shippers (customers)
• Contacting Shippers
• Shipper Cold Call Script
• Paperwork between broker & shipper
• Approve a shipper for business
• Calculate a freight shipment rate
• Locate trucks to move your loads using load boards
• Make sure a truck is legal & reputable
• Calculate the rate for the truck
• Paperwork between broker & carrier
• Load Tracking
• Billing & Payment
• Step by step guide to freight movement
• Factoring
The most amazing part of the is if you purchase the comprehensive course then we will offer you one year free membership of our leading load board The value of this deal is $360 which you get absolutely free. This is the deal which you can get nowhere. This exclusive load board team up will provide you with immediate and effective loads and shipper matching.
Our service not just stops after providing you the required training. We at provide extensive license filing service. We assist in BOC-3 form filing, receiving the Motor Carrier Number (MC#), completing formalities for $10,000 surety bond, searching appropriate insurance agent in all 48 states. This license filing package is included when you purchase the comprehensive course or you can even buy this package separately.
At we will provide you with the needed factoring service to secure your business in any time of financial upheaval. We also offer website designing service to start your full-fledged freight broker business without a loop hole.
With our passion to serve you the best, we have arranged this all inclusive package at an unbelievable price. To know more about our service and products and to learn about our package price do visit the website: Who knows you are just a step away from your dream career.


Life in the Truck Driving School vs Life Driving the Big Rig

No matter how seriously you spent your time in the truck driving school classes and obtained your CDL license with true dedication, there is a world of difference in actual truck driving job on the road and the truck driving lessons you learnt in the school.

When you are on to the road for the first time there will be a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness as you will not be aware of what is in store for you as a professional truck driver. The loads of information that has been piled on you at the time of the course will suddenly fall short in front of the real trucking knowledge which can only be gained by years of experience.

The training provided in the school follows a set standard and pattern for all trucking jobs. However the real trucking jobs are dependent on different traffic and driving regulations prevailing in different states. There are varied climate type, available loads type, terrains and traffic pattern which you have never come across in your trucking school. There are different trucking jobs available with different trucking companies who are ready to hire you as soon as you are out of the driving school. But this will be an important decision for you as you should find out which type of trucking job will suit you the best.

When you are ready to take your stroll on the road, with your first pre-trip inspection you may find all the seven thousand things which you learnt in your driving school is no longer applicable in this situation. May be you remember just the basics but you are simply not able to recall the rest. Don’t worry this happen to the finest of drivers in their initial days.

Read more articles on driver lifestyles, tips and trick on our trucking load board blog page.

The best learning time when you can gain the real road and trucking knowledge is when you will start off your career under a trainer for a month or two. He will be your companion in the few of your initial trucking assignments. These rides will be full of adventure and challenges. You will get accustomed to the trucking lifestyle at this point of time. This will be the time you can learn the most. So come up with as many questions as you can and clear all your doubts regarding loads, trucks, roads and driving practices. Pay attention to his driving styles, problem solving techniques, loads handling and dealing with freight brokers.

You might have not paid attention while in truck driving class as the main aim to study lessons at that time was to clear your CDL exam. The theory papers of the CDL exam consists of direct and easy questions from the manual. But to catch the relevant knowledge from your trainer at this time will lay the foundation stone of your successful trucking driving career ahead.

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