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Need to Find Loads? Choose the best Load Board!

As an owner-operator, you know you need to find loads to haul. Your business is based on running as many loaded miles as you can in order to maximize your profits and mileage. One great way to find loads is through online freight matching services, also known as load boards. These websites can save you a lot of time hunting down work, so you can spend your time earning money.

There are scores of load boards to choose from, so the trick is to find one that matches your needs so you aren’t wasting time and money.

1. Low cost

Make sure you find a freight matching service that fits within your budget. A good load board will pay for itself after a few loads.

2. User-friendly interface

Is the load board user-friendly? Look for an intuitive interface, so you don’t waste time searching for loads, posting your truck or using other value-added features.

3. Free trial

Look for a load board that offers a free trial, so you can test it to see if it suits your needs. Be weary of a load board that does not offer a free trial.

4. Mobile apps

When you’re on the go, you need a freight match service that offers the same access on your phone or tablet as what you can see on your computer.

The most popular load boards offer mobile apps that can be used while you’re on the road and away from your laptop. One of the most popular mobile load board apps is available for free download at:

  • iOS App
  • Android App

5. Find Loads with Load Board Notifications

You’ll want to use a board that sends load alerts 24/7 to your phone or email address, so you never miss an opportunity.

6. Free load posting for brokers

When it’s easier for brokers to post loads, more truckloads will be listed, offering you greater opportunities.

7. Value-added features including Quick Pay

Some load boards provide load planners, credit ratings/scores, mileage/routing and free corporate websites at no additional cost.


When you are searching for a load, be aware if you select ONLY one trailer type, you will be eliminating trailer loads that have been posted that can go on several different kinds of trailers. For example, if you search ONLY UTILITY trailer, you will not see loads that can be hauled on a utility trailer or a gooseneck trailer.


It is always better to be in a market that has more loads leaving than coming in. Leave the origin blank and include the city names that you are searching for in the destination. Then run the search and compare the inbound loads versus outbound loads. This is an easy way to see what the market looks like where you are or where you are headed so you can avoid deadheading.


Pay attention to the size of the load and the distance of the haul. You don’t want to take on more than you can handle, and then you have limited space on your trailer for loads you can already committed to hauling.


You do not want to put all your eggs in one basket. If you sign up for more than one load board, it can help you get the best load. One load board does not have all the information you need. Consider using a variety of load boards so you can keep delivering loads and making money.


You are not going to stumble upon the right load immediately. Sometimes it might take you an hour before you find the right one. That is just the way it works, but it is important to not get frustrated. The right load will come about eventually.

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Freight Loads Trucker News

Delivery Jobs That Pay Per Mile

Many people who do delivery jobs get paid for their work based not on how much time it takes them, but on how many miles they travel. This helps to provide a wage that is related to the amount of useful work the deliverer does, as well as the amount of wear and tear on the delivery vehicle, which the deliverer often owns and must maintain.

OTR Truckers

OTR stands for “over the road,” and refers to long-haul truckers who deliver between cities, usually in large tractor-trailers. Many of these truckers own their own vehicles and work as sub-contractors for contractors who need materials moved.

Truckers who are paid by the mile submit a bid to the company for the work. They try to bid low enough to get the job, yet high enough to make some money. The amount per mile that OTR truckers make can vary widely, from 25 cents to a dollar per mile, depending on the size of the load, the distance that it needs to be taken, and sometimes other factors, such as whether it is hazardous material.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers of all kinds exist in large cities, where thousands of different items need to change hands every day. Some delivery drivers work for a fixed hourly wage, while others are paid by the mile. Some work for a wage, but also get a mile-based stipend that covers the cost of wear and tear and fuel for their vehicles.

City driving is far harder on a vehicle than OTR driving, because of the frequent starting and stopping. So, the reimbursement for vehicle degradation is an important part of a delivery driver’s pay. If a driver does this work for any length of time, his vehicle will very quickly begin to show its age.


Couriers are similar to delivery drivers, but often deliver only information or papers, often of a nature that requires very quick delivery. Some urban couriers work in cars, others on scooters, and others on bicycles. Bicycle couriers are effective in large cities because they can bypass the automotive gridlock that slows traffic. Couriers may be paid by the mile directly, or indirectly in the form of sector-based rates: the more sectors a courier is required to pass through, the higher the pay for the delivery.

Freight Brokers

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Compromise reached in US/Mexico cross-border trucking

U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexico President Felipe Calderon announced yesterday that they have come up with a solution that will “allow for the establishment of a reciprocal, phased-in program built on the highest safety standards that will authorize both Mexican and United States long-haul carriers to engage in cross-border operations under NAFTA.” Mexico will suspend 50% of its retaliatory tariffs when the new agreement is signed (60 day estimate) and the other 50% when the first Mexican carrier is granted operating authority under the program. President Calderon is wise to make sure we hold up our end of the bargain before taking down the tariffs. Negotiators from both sides are working on a draft agreement that the DOT will review with Congress and put out for public comment. It is unlikely that we will be seeing the benefits of this new compromise any time soon. While details are still being worked out, at least some components of the proposal are known. Mexican truckers will be required to operate with Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) that ensure compliance with U.S. hours of service regulations and to ensure that the trucks only haul freight to and from Mexico, not U.S. domestic freight.

Trucking Business
Compromise Border trucking

Under the agreement, Mexico would eventually lift tariffs it placed on dozens of U.S. products in response to the banning of its trucks from U.S. roads, AP said.Leaders from both countries will negotiate further details of the plan, which will be phased in, and the deal will require approval from the U.S. Congress before it takes effect, Bloomberg reported.American Trucking Associations is “pleased” that the leaders have come to an agreement, President Bill Graves said in a statement.“When properly implemented, NAFTA’s trucking provisions should evolve to allow for a more efficient, safe and secure environment for cross-border operations between the U.S. and Mexico,” Graves said.The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, which has consistently opposed the plan, said in a statement it was “outraged” by the proposed agreement.“For all the president’s talk of helping small businesses survive, his administration is sure doing their best to destroy small trucking companies and the drivers they employ,” OOIDA said.

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Totally Freight – Freight Directory

Welcome to, the new directory of international freight forwarders and related companies involved in the transport industry. Unlike other directories, aims to provide the most detailed listings so users find a company that meets their requirements.

Covering air, sea, road and rail transport, the directory features a range of companies across the globe. They also have a freight exchange directory for load boards.

Freight forwarders and related companies can use the directory to find new overseas partners, agents and suppliers as well as being able to post news stories about their business.

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Freight Broker Training Course – How to Become A Freight Broker

The freight broker training program by is a meticulously designed and planned training program by the industry experts. If you are aspiring to become a successful freight broker then, you can lay the foundation of this reaping freight broker business with The Freight broker course offered here is exceptional when compared to other similar training programs. Our program targets at the comprehensive assistance that is required by new candidates especially when they are new to the industry itself.

Freight Broker Training
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Is Hybrid Truck an Answer to Trucking Industry Challenges

There is a continuous hike in the oil prices and the hybrid trucks are looked as a new alternative by the trucking companies. There are many companies which have launched their hybrid trucks in the market and they are very fuel efficient as compared to the normal trucks. The trucking companies are facing the challenges on the fuel front and they are forced to cut the costs by reducing the number of truck driver jobs. Hybrid trucks are becoming more and more popular these days as it is very environmental friendly and the amount of pollutants emitted is also very less.

The basic reason behind the launch of the hybrid trucks is to reduce the cost. There is still a doubt in the minds of the truckers about how these hybrid trucks are operated. The trucking companies are also looking forward to train the drivers about the operation of the hybrid trucks. Most of these trucks run on two kinds of fuels: electric motor and gasoline motor. There are only one or two companies which have come up with the idea of the hybrid trucks and have launched selected models in the market.

The government is putting strict laws regarding the pollutants emission by the trucks and hybrid trucks can be considered to be a big step to solve this serious problem. There is much less noise produced by the engine of these trucks and are very silent in its functioning. Mostly the hybrid vehicles run on the gasoline motors but when extra power is needed, the electric motor is also started. The trucking companies can also look for the truck drivers’ employment that is well trained in driving the hybrid trucks. It is very economical for the trucking industry which was coping hard to survive the hard market conditions especially the overhead costs due to the fuel hikes.

The gasoline motor is installed in the hybrid trucks to save the energy. It will stop the engine automatically as soon as the truck will come to a halt and will result in preserving the energy. The researches show that the fuel consumed by the hybrid trucks is almost half in cost to that of any normal truck. Most of the hybrid trucks available in the market today have the limited capacity of loading the materials as there are batteries and electric motor also employed in it. The load boards have a huge supply of materials and they look for the vehicles which have a huge capacity of loading. They do not want the loads available to be kept like that and this is a huge disadvantage for the hybrid trucks. The motor companies are planning to launch heavy hybrid trucks in the market but it may take some time.

The costs of the hybrid trucks are also more as compared to the normal trucks. The trucking companies may be reluctant to go for the hybrid trucks looking at the initial costs but they should not overlook the advantages of the hybrid trucks.

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Fuel Price on a Road to Constant Increase: Truckers Worry

The recent political upheavals in many of the Arab nations have raised an issue of worry among different governments. Its impact is likely to be seen on the economies of various countries and the worst affected area which is likely to suffer is the crude industry. There has been a considerable hike in the prices of the fuel pertaining to the uncertainty of the crude supply. The unstable political scenario in the Middle East has sent a wave of worry among the energy traders and they are looking out for alternatives to cope with this challenging problem. The trucking industry will be affected by this crisis and the trucking companies are also worried about the same.

The benchmark crude prices have witnessed a hike of 87 cents last week over the continued reports of disturbing situation in the Middle East regions. The oil traders are expecting a completely different market situation ahead of the weekend. The first thing to be affected after the reported fuel hike is the transportation costs. This is one of the major industries which are directly linked to the fuel cost. The truck driver jobs will also be affected by this situation as the overhead transportation costs will increase and the trucking industry will try to minimize the cost on other level to match the fuel costs. This is especially a threat to those truckers who have joined recently and they may be the first ones to face the job cuts.

The owner operator jobs are likely to suffer as this will minimize the profits of the owner operators who work on a percent basis with the trucking companies. All the industries are connected in a chain and the increase in the transportation costs will put its impact on other industries as well. Second in queue are the freight companies which take the services of the truck drivers to make their loads deliver. The trucking companies are likely to charge more from the load board and it will create an imbalance in all the sectors. There is already a shortage of truckers and the trucking industry is providing new truck driver jobs. If the driver job cuts are done, it will hamper the delivery of loads available. In the present situation, the price rise is undoubtedly a big blow and it has come at a very wrong time when the trucking companies are facing many other challenges.

If the political crisis in these nations continues, it will disrupt the chain of demand and supply and the fuel prices may go higher. The economy is already undergoing a difficult phase and managing the businesses is a challenging job. If the fuel hikes persistently goes on, it will affect the functioning of many of the trucking companies and the costs are likely to be adjusted by the cuts in truck driver jobs. The trucking industry will try hard to cope with the tough market conditions but it is a big threat to the drivers’ employment.

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New Law Framed for the Repair of the Vehicle for Truck Drivers

The Massachusetts federal law body has put forth the new law of Right to Repair Act which is brought into form in the present legislative year of 2011-12. The chief legislative representatives who have put this idea in form are Rep. Garrett Hadley (D-Hingham) and Senator John Hart. There are sixty other representatives who have come in support of this bill. The new repair act will put forward a wide array of choices for the consumers because previously the repair codes which were limited only for the dealers of new cars will now also be provided to retail stores.

The main reason behind bringing the bill back into the present shape is that the customers have an availability of better choice before them and they can take the services of the shops which they want to. There is no compulsion of sticking to a particular dealer. The trucking companies seem to have a double opinion on this act. It is good for those owner operator jobs who are bound to go to a big dealer. The data and codes will be bought by the individual shops and they will have to give the prior and correct information to the customers. It will be an additional benefit for the small retailers to expand their businesses and the customers may also go for a better deal.

More and more senators are coming in support of this bill and it is gaining a high approval among the legislative members. The economy is undoubtedly going through a tough phase and it is important for the government to understand the problems of the masses. Repairing a truck is often done by a trucker and it is important that he has a wide variety of choice where he can go for his truck repair which will add some extra pennies to his pocket. The technological advances have made a great improvement in the efficiency of the vehicles but the loads available demands, services and maintenance of the vehicles have also increased. This thought has also motivated the right to repair act to come in form.

The trucks and other motors have many options of safety and more and more researches are done to make the vehicle fuel efficient. This has also opened the doors for the dealers to take the advantage of the present situation. So it has become all the more necessary that the truckers have an access to all the repair shops and their choices are not limited. The guidelines and directions are meant to be given to the vehicle manufacturing companies that the repair access is not confined to the dealers of these companies and the repair rights are also scattered among the different individual repair shops and the motorists.

Check our truck loadboard blog page for more articles related to trucking industry.

It will also be useful for the truckers who are driving on the highway and have no choice to go for when the truck breaks up. They will not have to hunt for the dealers and simply repair at the shop which is easily accessible to them.


Truck Driving: A Career as Good for Women

With the changing trends and patterns of life, there have been major changes in the job profile as well. The demarcation line of the jobs has been blurred and trucking industry is no exception to it. The truck driving jobs are no more limited to men and women are also launching themselves with confidence in the business.

The truck driving business was pre dominantly confined to males and it was hard for a female to think of entering into the business. But in the past few decades, the phenomena have changed considerably and the concept of women truckers is not new to ears. The trucking companies are also witnessing a huge crisis and there has been a huge gap between the demand and the supply.

The shortage of drivers has forced the trucking companies to look at the alternative of women truckers and many women have tasted success in the trucking business. Driving a flatbed is a difficult job and there are a number of flatbed driver jobs available in the trucking industry. Driving a truck has been a challenging job for women and they generally don’t consider it as dream career choices. But the profitable returns received have left few women to regret of entering the business. The statistics reveal that the number of women truckers is increasing day by day. The trucking company is also heaving a sigh of relief as they also have a alternative present before them.

As compared to the other business in which gender bias has been seen, trucking industry seems to be an exception. The drivers are paid according to the number of kilometers that they have undertaken and so there is no question of any discrimination being made. Women truckers also go to cross country delivering the loads and are catching up with the deadline. The trucking companies have also brought up the new idea of trucking couples in which both the partners drive together. This is certainly a very good choice especially for the wives whose husbands often go for long distance journey. The women drivers have also formed teams in which more two women drive together. This makes the long journey less tiresome as both the truck drivers drive equally and they can also go for a 24/7 job.

There have been many associations and organizations for men which work on ensuring the safety of the women truckers. There have been a number of load boards which have a large amount of loads available on them. The deficit of the truck drivers has opened a lot of opportunities for the women who are planning to enter the business. With the technological advances, the power steering of the trucks requires less manual strength.

By large women have entered the trucking business and they are ready to face the challenges planning to take trucking as a long term career option.