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Arrive Logistics opens up new office in Chattanooga

Freight brokerage and transportation management services provider Arrive Logistics recently announced it has opened up a new office in Chattanooga, Tenn. This is the company’s third location, as it also has offices in its corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, and Chicago, Ill.

Arrive officials said this new Chattanooga office was established in order for the company to accommodate its strong growth, as well as to leverage the significant freight market in Chattanooga.

The company has experienced major growth going back to its inception in 2014, going from $30.5 million in 2015 to $58.9 million in 2016 to $143.4 million in 2018. Company officials said that Arrive expects to have 2018 revenues topping $360 million.

“Opening our third office in Chattanooga is an exciting accomplishment for us,” said Matt Pyatt, CEO, and co-founder of Arrive Logistics, in a statement. “Having an office in the heart of the Freight Alley is a huge step for the expansion of Arrive Logistics and will provide vast growth opportunities for us and our customers.”

Arrive initially started out as a freight management company, with its initial investors coming from Nutrabolt Corp., a large distributor of health supplements in the United States.  And when Arrive began operations, it managed all of Nutrabolt’s $5 million annual freight spend at that time.

“We started in freight management and that allowed us to get going with a lot of carriers,” Pyatt told LM in an interview. “At that time, in 2014, the market was tight and carriers were getting a lot of revenue per load. We were able to get set up on kind of a dedicated basis, and that was kind of our differentiator from a traditional brokerage, and we had guaranteed freight from day one, which allowed us to cover our operating expenses in the business so we were not burning a lot of cash.”

From those beginnings, Arrive has seen steady growth, going from ten people in 2014 to more than 600 employees today, he said.

“We have done a good job of attracting talent from all over the industry, and we are really focusing on identifying people straight out of college and people looking for a second career,” explained Pyatt. “When we first got started, we focused on people with two-to-seven years of experience and that allowed us to scale up quickly, as they were able to get on the phones and hit the ground running and deal with the business and the carriers. The hardest part about scaling up so fast is you need to be able to train people effectively.”

When asked what influenced Arrive to expand into Chattanooga, Pyatt noted how there are several smaller brokers located there, with several of them coming from Access America, which was sold to Coyote Logistics in 2014.

And since then, he said, there have been roughly 20-plus companies that have spun out of Access America that have become small brokerages.

“That gave us the opportunity to secure some really strong leadership, and we thought Chattanooga was a really great market, because there are a lot of experienced individuals, as well as a great recruiting ground for colleges, and people like living in that part of the country, too. The real driving reason was that Access America was a company that was able to do heavy haul, over-dimensional, and flatbed, areas in which we have previously struggled. They were also strong in power-only. Those are four modes we were able to beef up with Arrive, and the talent we were able to bring in allowed us to expand into those verticals. With consolidation in the market, you need to do everything and everything well if you want to continue to scale as a broker partner to all these customers.”

By the end of 2018, Pyatt said he expects Arrive’s Chattanooga office to have around 25 employees, with a goal of 75 employees by the end of 2019.

As for customer benefits with this new office, Pyatt said that the flatbed market tends to be one in which it can be challenging for brokers to be successful in, as it is highly fragmented and can be very owner-operator-centric.

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Bill repeals 1099 mandate

The U.S. Senate passed HR 4, a bill to repeal the expanded 1099 tax reporting mandate passed as part of last year’s health care law.The 1099 requirement was passed in 2010 as part of the health care reform law known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This provision would have forced all businesses to issue a Form 1099 to vendors from whom they buy $600 worth of goods or more on an annual basis, and was scheduled to take effect in 2012. This requirement was expected to result in massive amounts of paperwork and increased compliance costs. According to the Truck Renting & Leasing Association, for truck renting and leasing companies, this could have meant filling out a Form 1099 for things such as for fueling stations, parts vendors, office equipment and even electricity and phone bills.


In response, earlier this winter, Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) introduced HR 4 in the House of Representatives, and it passed by wide margins in March.


Successful Drive through the First Year Leads to a Promising Truck Driving Career Ahead

Recently there has been much news about the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. Planning a career and following it in the same way are two different things. There are bundle of truck driver jobs but there are some hindrances which seem to dissuade the youth for going for this career option. There are always challenges posed by the new job and it takes some time to accommodate with the environment of the working place. The trucking career is no exception to it. Although it is different from the routine job of 9 to 5 but this job has its own demand.

The life of the driving school is totally different from that of the real truck driver job. It is very difficult for the new drivers to adjust to the new life style of the truck driver. It is not a fixed routine job and the drivers tend to be away from their families for days and sometimes weeks as well. One needs to be mentally prepared before taking up the job. It may sound to be a thrill and adventurous before taking up the job but it is not so easy. Trucking career can turn into a very fruitful one if a new truck driver is through the job in the first year. Many of the drivers who have spent their many years as a truck driver in the trucking industry have a great liking for the job.

The company will always try to test the new drivers. All the new jobs try to take extra advantage of the new comers in the various fields and the trucking company is no exception to it. There are all kinds of load boards and all these have different loads available on it. The freight companies have many kinds of various requirements which the trucking companies have to follow. Trucking companies can’t place their orders on the old drivers as they can do to the ones who have started their career and spending the first year in the logistics industry.

All the loads available have their different demands as some are fragile, valuable, or very delicate to carry. No company will blindly give the responsibility of delicate stuff to the new drivers. Sometimes the location where the load is to be carried is in a desolate area and old drivers tend to argue going to such places. These all things are the testing situations for the owner operators and if you give a consistent performance then there are no obstacles in your success. There are many trucking companies who offer proper assistance to the new drivers and help them teaching the rules of the company.

The truck driver jobs are similar to any other job as far as work is concerned. Initially you need to give your best performance to prove your worth and the success is just a road away. Do not expect any spoon feeding as no one is going to tolerate mistakes and so the drivers need to do the work very carefully. Once you adjust yourself in the new situation and then there will be no looking back.


Trucking and Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics is a branch of engineering which design, create and maintain a machine of people whose goals are to efficiently provide flow of goods and/or services with respect to a time frame. The term logistics is taken as transportation management, and not just the scope for truck driving jobs. Logistics also covers other aspects such as provision of services at right time and place and optimizing human resource cost by employing incentives like outsourcing.

Originally logistics was developed by Romans. The Roman and later Byzantine Armies had officers named “Logistikas”, their purpose was to manage supply chain of the army which involved transportation of arms, ammunition and most importantly rations for the army. Their duties also involved distribution of finance in the army according to their needs.
Logistics functions are; human resource management in their organization and its different stations, management of space available for storage and optimizing its utility, management of transportation resources, equipment and load boards (trucks, mini-trucks, forklifts etc.), Material handling and proper packaging arrangement for goods and available loads to be transferred. Human resource management in logistic is not also akin to the usual HRM, its function is to locate and transport the required skilled personnel where he is needed. Job of a logistician is to carry out these functions, monitor and control these activities.
Recently the principals and concepts from logistics theory are being implemented to civilian trucking industry in the country. Need of a logistics transport model was needed in the sector due to increasing complexity of supply chains and life cycles of different organizations. As a result large businesses entirely focused on trucking logistics emerged.
For larger organizations which require frequent transportation of feedstock and products, it might not be possible to maintain an efficient in house transportation network. They are looking towards outsourcing for answers. Outsourcing means hiring a third party to perform in-house operations more effectively. The concepts of out sourcing are relatively new in management sciences. Third party logistics (shortly called 3PL) is an example of outsourcing.
A third party logistics company provides transportation facilities for both inbound and outbound transportation. Just like owner operator jobs, trucking and logistics outsourcing is an emerging business all over the globe and in United States particularly. A slightly different concept has been arising in trucking logistics outsourcing recently. A fourth party logistics outsourcing is a type of external logistical support from and organization which finds assembles and provides all the resources needed to erect a comprehensive supply chain. The service provider may take help from other more specialized and narrowed service providers. In short 4PL outsourcing service provider is the one which gathers 3PL providers to face bigger problems and offers comprehensive solutions.
Running a successful trucking logistic business requires knowledge of transportation rules and regulation by national authorities and also by the different state authorities, load management of the available loads, ware house management and inventory management. Logistic businesses are focusing on global markets. It might not be far away that there be global transportation and supply channel providers under one roof. Logistics then would not be limited to land transportation and trucks of course. Bigger problems will demand for greater solutions.

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CSA 2010: Resentment by the Trucking Associations

The United States three main Trucking Association: the Expedited Alliance of North America (TEANA), the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) and the Air and Expedited Motor Carrier Association (AEMCA), who own fleets more than 3,000 in number has filed a lawsuit in the court to review the rules and regulations as imposed and stated in the FMCSA’s CSA2010 legislation. The suit has been filed in the United States Court of Appeals. The association wants that the FMCSA release of these safety regulations should be permanently rejected by the court as they do not approve of the safety methods laid down by the FMCSA’s CSA 2010 release.
The court has previously rejected the Trucking Association’s plea to release a temporary hold order so that they could avoid the release of the CSA2010 safety regulations before time. This injunction was filed by the association earlier this month. Due to the fast movement of actions the Federal Court has agreed to hear both parties on the issue to release an order against FMCSA’s Comprehensive Safety Analysis initiatives. In their appeal the trucking associations emphasized that the FMCSA fails to understand the impact that this legislation will have on the small trucking companies and owner operator jobs.
The monitoring and the records will be open to public on the CSA website. This will enable all the reports for any carrier or truck driver available for the public to ponder on it. All warnings, accidents, safety implications and others will be updated online for every incident. This measure is beneficial for shipping company as they can use the data to judge on who should be employed to carry their available loads. The FMCSA and other government authorities would work in close compliance to report the statistics on Behavioral Analysis and the Safety Improvement Categories.
The trucking companies who are renting over their trucks to other carries and freight brokers were worrying on the issue of the secondary liability for past so many years The FMCSA regulates the actions of the logistics and trucking company’s so as to check their vicarious liability and the rules are set so that the freight brokers and the shippers do correct hiring of the truck driver or the freight carrier company. Now the selection of the service provider will have to be very accurate. This is one of the major causes of resentment among the Trucking association as they will be obligated to select the freight brokers, intermodal drivers, logistics and trucking companies with a high score on CSA safety rules. They are bound to implement this measure as they would not want any extra liability on them because of the poor scores of the service providers. To avoid the liability as a third party logistics the rules set by the FMCSA has to be taken into consideration. You can obviously find a pool of competent truck drivers and related companies on the load boards meant for finding the perfect load and driver match.
For the meantime the court has overruled the trucking association plea as being ‘forecasted’ and ‘predicted’ damages by the CSA 2010 legislation by FMCSA.

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Challenges Faced by the Trucking Industry Today

The trucking industry (also sometimes referred to as the logistics industry) is the name of a vital part of America’s economic activities. Trucking Companies provide Commercial Vehicles and drivers to carry goods from one part of the country to another. Transportation by Trucking is major way of transporting goods in the USA.
Trucks are used mainly for transporting materials and commercial products over land. Other incentives for the purpose are transportation by carriage trains and air carriage. Air and train cargo services have certain drawbacks however; the most obvious on is that both of these cannot go everywhere in the country but trucks can. This is due to the presence of vast and complex network of highways and trucking stations across the country.
Challenges to the Industry:
Unfortunately the trucking sector is facing a lot of problems these days. Many small Trucking Companies are closed or are under heavy debt and fighting for survival. Trucking sector provides many Owner Operator Jobs which are also adversely affected when the sector downsizes
Major causes of the down trend are discussed in this article.
The recent economic crunch is on a global scale. USA is certainly affected by the phenomenon. As the production and consumption of commercial goods is decreased the trucking industry has less and less loads availableto carry. This is one of the major causes of the down trend in trucking sector.
Other major problem for the trucking industry is fuel cost. Commercial heavy load carrying vehicles are diesel fueled. Diesel, along with other petroleum products, is continuously rising in price in past few years. As the fuel cost increase, trucking companies are left with no option than to increase their charges or cutting short on their man power etc.
Congestion on the freeways is yet another significant problem for the truckers. Roads are ever increasing in truck traffic and truck stations are crammed with Vehicles most of the time. Tough to meet security and safety regulation by federal and state authorities imposed on trucking companies worsen the situation.
With less freight to carry around the country truckers are struggling hard to get contracts. There are now internet based load boards. They offer loads which need to be moved by the truckers.
Authorities require truck drivers to be specially educated for the job. The ever hardening regulations and rules require more and more educated drivers. But properly educated truckers are not easily available everywhere. Shortage of drivers is also a major problem for the industry.
More and more states in the US are introducing environmental laws regarding emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases by petroleum based vehicles. These laws require trucks to use advanced emission reduction equipment; which add to the cost considerably.
Another major problem, which limits the truckers from working at their desire time of the day to get the most out of their trips around the country, is the Hours of Service regulations by National authorities.
These problems are deteriorating the trucking industry of the US. Small trucking companies are being kicked out of the game and big giants are expanding their reach.

Freight Factors

A Trusted Name in Freight Factoring

With the economic uncertainty today, getting the payment for the work you have done is really important. The easiest and the safest way to get the payment in the trucking industry today is through factoring. When considering freight factoring let us discuss the factoring services by 1st Commercial Credit LLC. This is the most reliable and best factoring services providing company in the United States.

A brief on what freight factoring is? Freight factoring is basically for the truckers or the trucking business. These truckers can immediately get the payment after completing their work through freight factoring even if the shippers who are using the trucking facilities have not paid the shipment charges. The freight factoring company releases funds for the carriers by purchasing invoices of the shipping company. Therefore, the interruption of cash flow is avoided for the survival and growth of the trucking business.

Choosing 1st Commercial Credit LLC as the Freight Factoring Company for You

Logistics and Freight Factoring have become so popular that you can easily get a good factoring service online. Online freight factoring company provides fast and efficient processing with minimum paper work. This way you save both time and money.

1st Commercial Credit is an online freight factoring company providing financial assistance to many owner operators, small and medium fleet businesses. The company is the largest of its kind providing varied asset based financial services such as equipment leasing, freight factoring, inventory financing and purchase order funding for new as well as old businesses.

1st Commercial Credit is expert in judging the capacity of your business and the long haul charges according to it. The company will provide funding for the fuel, maintenance, repair and other related charges of the trucks being used. This will avoid taking loans for such issues by the small businesses and owner operators. With the factoring and financial services by 1st Commercial Credit, the truckers will not suffer loss when the payment is delayed by the shippers.

1st Commercial Credit doesn’t require any financials and provides the factoring facility at a very affordable rate of 1.59% for 30 days for all sized trucking companies. The company provides free credit checks and facilitates the credit checking with in 15 minutes for new loads. There are no administration charges and application fees when you transact with 1st Commercial Credit. Broker and customer references are also provided on request. The initial funding is set up by the company in just 3 to 5 working days. The company would provide same day funding to the shippers and brokers who are already credit approved. Containerized freight and Intermodal hauling is also factored by the company.

Thus we see that 1st Commercial Credit is the company that knows in and out of the trucking industry and can assist in providing cash flow to your business instantly. Your long stuck freight bills can now be cleared within 24 hours and you can also indulge to haul more loads with increased cash flow. The factoring service of this company can be availed for businesses with just 1 truck to the one with more than 2000 trucks. The factoring amount per month ranges from $5000 to $10 million.


Quick Transport Solutions

QuickTSI offers its customers a valuable means of out-sourcing their transportation. QuickTSI can act as an extension of your company’s carrier logistic management program streamlining your work and lowering your business costs. QuickTSI expertise lies in ensuring your freight is delivered on-time, every time.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of service and professionalism. QuickTSI offers new solutions for today’s logistic challenges. At QuickTSI, we’re changing the way companies look at transportation with service that meets your needs today…and tomorrow.

Our corporate vision is to provide excellent service to our customers and make sure the truckload and LTL freight we are managing delivers on time. We always explore innovative ways to lower your freight costs. Our market focus is the larger volume full TL (TruckLoad) and LTL(Less Than Truckload) shipments. Our commitment is to maintain the highest possible standards of service in every aspect of our business.

Commitment to Quality: The quality of the service that Quick Transport Solutions offers is the key factor in our continued success. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our highly committed team, who serve customers that are looking for the highest quality in terms of relationships and requirements. We believe that, in a fast changing transportation industry, our customers need a safe pair of hands into which they can entrust their business. Our forward-looking and dynamic approach means that we never stand still. We constantly review and develop our services to match our customers’ needs and expectations.

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Carriers Newbies

An Insight to Truck Driving Jobs!

Freight and logistics related jobs from the trucking industry are the most sought-after jobs in the United States. The reason for such jobs being in demand is the trucking industry in the United States today is expanding enormously. The job does not involve just the delivery of goods and materials, but the drivers have to be really skillful to perform the truck driving job. As there is a high requirement for skilled workers in this field the jobs in this sector are high-salaried jobs. With the new inventions and innovations taking place each day around us, the traditional truck also changing for the betterment.

There is a complete tie up between the owner operator and the driver. The owner operators are always in need of the skilled driver because they need to handle this very responsible work of handling heavy trucks and delivering the goods to their clients on time. For this they need to reply only on the experts. They are willing to pay good salary for getting an expert in the field. In turn truck drivers will work hard to deliver their best results so that they can provide highest delivery solutions for present consignment and make the relations between the parties good for future business too. The truck drivers also work for handling the truckloads to get an extra income. Both have to work hand in hand for complete collaboration and the benefits of each other.

Some other perks enjoyed by the truck driver to make their occupation a little more lucrative is that the trucking companies sometimes allow the family of the truck driver to visit them at the place of their work.  The industry will provide the driver with some allowances like medical benefits, insurance and safety. Modern trucking system will include all the equipment and tools needed to complete the journey for the delivery of goods, especially in the case of liquids or hazardous chemicals. These days’ truck drivers are provided with GPS tracking device which will help you to find your location and provide road guides to reach to your destination. As long as the driver is serving the purpose of the company the company will take care of his needs. He can work with his own flexibility as long as the goods are delivered on time.

A skilled owner operator driver is needed by the trucking company to take over the freight services and shipment of goods. A good truck driver must have certain qualifications that are set by the company such as knowledge in terms of maps, routes, traffic rules, and navigation. Good manners and a high sense of responsibility is needed by the company. The driver must be disciplined and give priority to safety. He should avoid mistakes that can cause death, injury and loss of any sort.

Since to search such skilled drivers is becoming tough day by day, there are many load boards today that provides all freight and trucking industry solutions in a fast and reliable way. The trucking business now can avail such facility and can get there requirements like drivers and others met by them.


Different Truck Types for Different Purposes

All over the world Trucking Industry provides fast and reliable solutions for carrying freight loads and delivering logistics services. To fulfill different task as per the requirement many new innovations and technologies have been introduced in this sector. The Trucks used for varied purposes are designed intricately so that they can perform the jobs efficiently without the loss of the time, material and lives.
There are many different types of trucks meant for different purposes:
Flatbed Truck: As the name suggests the flatbed truck has a complete flat cargo body. There are no sides and roof attached to it. With this truck easy loading and unloading of heavy loads is possible. Construction equipments and a heavy load which have irregular shapes are best to be carried on the flatbed truck. The truck comes in both types rigid and articulated.
Straight Truck or Box Truck: This is the most commonly used type of truck which can perform the transport of usual goods. This truck is known by many different names: Box truck, Bob truck, Cube truck and Cube van. The cargo space of the truck is an enclosed area of cuboid shape. The Straight truck comes in small and big sizes ranging from 4 to 7 m in length. Box Truck Freight is mostly used to haul goods that should be protected from wear and tear through the journey such as furniture and electronic appliances. Panel truck is also a kind of straight truck that does not have any windows on the cargo box. It is used to carry consumer goods like diapers, laundry, tinned food packages etc.
Semi Trailer Truck: The truck is known differently at different places of the world. Semi Tractor truck Prime Mover, Transfer truck and Big-rig are the common names given to the Semi Trailer Truck. The truck is an articulated vehicle which has a towing engine and a semi trailer. There can be possibly more than one trailer attached to one engine. The main feature which makes the trailer truck different from an ordinary truck is that the trailer is not completely attached to the engine but is fixed at one point on the rare axle of the towing engine. It works in such a way that all the weight of the trailer is not put on the towing unit but a part of it is taken up by the connecting axle.
18 Wheeler Truck: This is again a semi trailer truck which has 18 wheels to carry heavy freight
Dump Truck: A dump truck as the name suggests is used to carry the loose materials like gravel and sand. These goods can be easily dumped with the use of Dump truck at the site of their usage such as construction sites. The back of the truck is hinged with an open box bed which runs with hydraulic operation. The bed can be lifted easily to dump the goods on the ground.
Tanker Truck: The truck is widely used to carry liquid freights or bulk cargo. They come in wide ranges as per the need.